Welcome to the world. Short stories.

Dear Destination.

I have forgiven almost unforgivable mistakes, I tried to replace irreplaceable people and forget other unforgettable. I’ve done things on impulse. I’ve disappointed people who thought I never disappoint, but I have also been disappointed. I gave hugs to protect someone’s World  I laughed when I could, I made eternal friends, I have loved and been loved, but I’ve been rejected and I’ve been loved and not loved. I cried with happiness, love and I´ve promised eternal love, I also have fallen many times. I cried listening to a song and viewing photos. I called someone just to hear his voice, I felt  in love with a smile. I thought I would die when I missed someone too much, but I’m still alive. I was afraid of losing someone I thought I knew, what I lost him and I didn’t give a fuck.  Anyway, thank you, despite everything, I’m still here! wanting more!

By: Fadoua. Smile young.


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