Quotetastic Friday

That´s actually so damn true #LoveIt


Travel to Ireland.

Hi there!

Basically I felt like writting about my travel to Ireland. It was such a great experience. I was 17 and it was the first time I traveled alone. The most beautiful fact about Ireland is that you have always something to visit. Like you can see million things and it still there some places to visit.


I have been in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Howth, Belfast.

I really loved the little villages or small cities near Dublin. You can see how people live there, like its not just done for turists. But there Is a city I loved more than the rest: GALWAY! what a city! bless Irish people seriously. They were pretty nice and friendly. See people dancing, singing in the streets was just cool. The clean air, the beautiful views near the sea. Gonna post few pictures I have taken. I would really love if you share with me your experiences.


This picture was taken in Belfast and it really impressed me like the “Gernica” by Picasso. There is a wall full by diferente protest pictures and I really loved it.


By: Fadoua.

Read so you can enjoy the life.

 Those days teens think that read books are just for nerds and people who have no social life. 

Well let me claim the fact that this is the biggest life I have ever heard. You cant even imagine how cool, fantastic, inspirational, whatever is reading. So if you don´t have the chance to travel to wonderful places, you just can do it by your imagination. If you don´t have anyone and you feel alone those books gonna complete you, you wouldn´t be a lost soul anymore. Trust me. 

Basically I found part of my happyness in books. Thanks to them I can speak and write in non-native languages like English or French. Hope this post help people to stop thinking silly stuff like “reading is boring” or “reading is just uncool”. I may say some people find reading and high intelect  sexy. 


Parole Di Ghiaccio- Emis Killa

One of my favourite songs. Basically I will let you read my favourite words.

“Guardare il paradiso da fuori
senza poterci entrare,parole d’amore,parole amare
le prime sono sempre più rare
e tu continui ad urlare
che non sono più piaciuto ai tuoi
dimenticandoti che tutto ciò è piaciuto a noi,
e ora la rabbia mi imbocca di cattiverie
mentre lanci i piatti
io prendo a calci le sedie
grido:”Fatti vedere!”


Looking out from heaven
without being able to enter, words of love, bitter words
the former are increasingly rare
and you keep screaming
which are no longer liked to your
forgetting that everything we liked,
and now I take the anger of malice
while throwing dishes
I’ll kick the chairs
cry: “Let me see!”