Give me Love – Ed Sheeran Cover by Max Schneider

Hello there!
I haven´t write in ages! and basically I wanted to share with you the amazing voice of Max Scheneider, a really really talented guy! He makes amazing covers on youtube and also he´s working hard to have his first EP, so if you want to colaborate and help him just ask me for the link and I will give it to you. By now Enjoy his flawless voice!


Beautiful couple.

Beautiful couple.

Some people say that animals don´t have feelings. Well this picture prove how wrong they are, plus, if animals don´t have feelings and for sure we are animals, why the hell we feel?.

Is it ethic to destroy fauna just for fun? Is it ethic to destroy life to have a coat? Is it?

Die for you – Lawson

Some people asked me why my blog is called “baby I die for you” as I´m not a romantic person and I would never say something like that, I didn´t call it like that because it´s a joke either . I did it because my favourite music band, Lawson, have a song called “Die for you” I just wanted to share with you the lyrics of that song, so you can understand how beautiful it is and why I did in fact choosed that name.

Travel to Ireland.

Hi there!

Basically I felt like writting about my travel to Ireland. It was such a great experience. I was 17 and it was the first time I traveled alone. The most beautiful fact about Ireland is that you have always something to visit. Like you can see million things and it still there some places to visit.


I have been in Dublin, Galway, Cork, Howth, Belfast.

I really loved the little villages or small cities near Dublin. You can see how people live there, like its not just done for turists. But there Is a city I loved more than the rest: GALWAY! what a city! bless Irish people seriously. They were pretty nice and friendly. See people dancing, singing in the streets was just cool. The clean air, the beautiful views near the sea. Gonna post few pictures I have taken. I would really love if you share with me your experiences.


This picture was taken in Belfast and it really impressed me like the “Gernica” by Picasso. There is a wall full by diferente protest pictures and I really loved it.


By: Fadoua.