Have you ever had the chance to dissapoint yourself? 

I did, 100 times. I cried another 100 times, and guess what? I did the same mistakes. 

I always promise to myself It´s the last time that I will dissapoint my friends, family or even myself and I keep doing it. Sometimes I just feel like hidden and never come back to this planet. Sometimes depression is my only friend. But fuck no! nobody can notice how destroyed I am. Nobody can know how sad times I´m having, so shhh girl, look at the mirror and smile. 

And that´s what I do, I smile to everyone and I dance, and so everybody are happy arround me because I´m full of energy. But hell, I did dissapointed myself one more time. One more lie that keeps knocking on my brain and making a terrible noise. The terrible noise of the silence, the silence of no answers. And maybe you can ask yourself which answers you want. Each time I ask myself why do I do the things I do? why am I so autodestructive? why do I do the things I´m not supposed to? agh. No answers. 

Since I´m young my only reason to live is how attached to my family and my religion. I never try to ask myself more than what the hell I´m doing here, in this planet or at this time, waiting for something that I really don´t know what it is… because I have no answers. And so when I wonder something, only me and my thoughts walk on the darkest road, going nowhere, because all my deductions are usually stupid. 

Do I need to cry to feel better? … no. Not even tears can make me feel a little bit better and If they do, I´ll be depressed again after couple of seconds. 

Trying to be my own psychologist, I make myself get more confused. I scare myself, because I´m not the person who I know. I´m behaving like the person I dont want to be. And dissapointment invade me again. 

That crazy feeling that makes me feel that everything I do is a mistake, is wrong… someone please make it go away. 

shhh…. forget. 

Past is past. isn´t it? 





Un post que como mínimo te hará amar aún más la bioquímica


Quien me iba a decir hace casi 25 años, mientras estudiaba todas y cada una de las características de los 20 aminoácidos, que uno de ellos, la Arginina, de la que me enamoré profundamente, se iba a ver envuelta en una de las más turbulentas historias donde sexo, belleza, dinero y corrupción se entremezclan para escribir una de las páginas más oscuras de la historia de la bioquímica… lamentable.

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Loose your time in People who Don´t apreciate you

Stop spending time with the wrong people who do not allow you to be happy … If someone wants you in their life, they for sure will make a space in their heart, you won´t have to  fight for it… Never stay with the person who constantly Remember to apreciate not people who are with you in the best of times, but to those who are by your side even in the worst!


By: FadouaImagen

Give me Love – Ed Sheeran Cover by Max Schneider

Hello there!
I haven´t write in ages! and basically I wanted to share with you the amazing voice of Max Scheneider, a really really talented guy! He makes amazing covers on youtube and also he´s working hard to have his first EP, so if you want to colaborate and help him just ask me for the link and I will give it to you. By now Enjoy his flawless voice!

Die for you – Lawson

Some people asked me why my blog is called “baby I die for you” as I´m not a romantic person and I would never say something like that, I didn´t call it like that because it´s a joke either . I did it because my favourite music band, Lawson, have a song called “Die for you” I just wanted to share with you the lyrics of that song, so you can understand how beautiful it is and why I did in fact choosed that name.